Why custom tin packaging?


Plastic film
Plastic film is the most widely used material for food packaging in the past because of its good sealing, light weight and low price.

However, with the gradual strengthening of people's sense of environmental protection, the usage of plastic film packaging has been reduced gradually as it is difficult to degrade and cannot be recycled, which pollutes the environment.


Paper box
Compared with plastic film packaging, paper box packaging is environmentally-friendly. At present, it is used as the primary packaging material by many confection manufacturers. 

But due to its small hardness, it is easy to deform after being extruded, which affects the beauty of the package. Moreover, the paper package is easy to get damp which causes that it is less suitable for long-time storage or reusage.


Glass bottle
As a contrast, the glass bottle packaging has good hardness and will not be affected by moisture, so it can be used for longer time. 

However, because it is fragile and cannot be printed with exquisite artworks, it is narrowly used for packaging. 


Tinplate Tin can

In comparison with above three packaging materials, tinplate metal packaging is a very favorable packaging choice because:

 1. Delicate printing: The tinplate can be printed with beautiful colors or patterns, these exquisite tin cans or tin boxes could quickly catch the eye of consumers and stand out from similar products when displayed on the shelf.

2. Hardness: The hardness of tin cans is much higher than that of plastic film and paper box packaging, which is not easy to deform and can keep the food & gift packaging beautiful all the time.

3. Eco-friendly: The tin box is made of tinplate which can be 100% recycled and is very eco-friendly.

4. Advertisement: After being used, the tin packaging can be reused for collection or storage for years, which can freely advertise for your products and brands sustainably.

What can tin box packaging bring you?

After utilizing metal tin can or custom tin box for the packaging of foods, gifts, promotional commodities etc, the sales amount and brand awareness of many products have increased significantly. Check the famous food brands, like:

Candy/mint brands: WRIGLEY'S, ALTOIDS, Mentos, Impact Mints, Stride etc. 

Chocolate brands: GODIVA, Ferrero, Hershey’s, Venchi, GHIRARDELLI, Lindt, Nestle etc

Coffee brands: Nescafe, Starbucks, illy, Costa etc

Tea brands: The REPUBLIC of TEA, TWININGS, AHMAD TEA, Lipton etc

Cookies brands: Danisa, Royal Dansk, Kjeldsens, Nestle, OREO, WALKER'S etc.

Popcorn brands: The Popcorn FactoryGary Poppins, Garrett PopcornHampton Popcorn, Popinsanity, Toronto Popcorn Company, Popcornopolis etc.


A brilliant packaging can make a great contribution to the products marketing and branding. Decorative tin cans and tin box packaging will be a optimal choice for you, you can add this packaging to your current product lines to have a trial. It might bring you a big surprise, who knows?

Contact our experienced specialist to make your exquisite confectionary tin or food tin packaging.

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