Why Brilliant Tin was established in 2009?

In 2009, the outbreak of the global financial turmoil led to a severe recession in many industries and a global economic crisis. Companies that have demand for metal packaging products started to cut budgets to lower the purchase price from suppliers, resulting in some factories using poor-quality raw materials in order to maintain profits and they do not take the responsibility for the losses caused to customers.

Some tin box factories have begun to lose their passion and enthusiasm to strictly take good care of customer orders due to the decline in profits, delaying delivery at will and failing to solve quality problems. Based on this, Mr.Liu (our CEO) and several experienced Partners in the metal tin packaging industry, decided to set up a factory. The goal is simple: providing customers with the best quality products at the most favorable cost, offering customers with professional opinions and suggestions in custom tin boxes production, as well as considerate pre-sales and after-sales services. Making the experience of customers sourcing and purchasing packaging products in China became a joyful process is what they have been pursuing. As a result, Brilliant tin was established in 2009.



We know that how great we are is determined by how many customers we can serve.

We hope that through our efforts, we can provide customers around the world with the most cost-effective tin packaging products and solutions, adding value to their products and brands as well as helping their business grow which eventually contributes to a sustainable win-win partnership between our customers and us. During this process, growing and strengthening ourselves.

Becoming the top 10 in the industry by 2025 and the top 3 by 2030 is what we have been expecting. This subject is considerably challenging for us, but we believe that when we make every aspect as perfectly as possible, over time, we will achieve our goal ultimately.

Why Brilliant Tin Box?
We care more than what you care.

We are professional, hardworking and responsible.

We cherish our customers as friends, partners and more.

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